About me

“Experiential education describes a methodical and experience-oriented approach that uses diverse and natural settings to present participants with real tasks, challenges, questions and problems, as well as eventful impressions, the implementation, solution or internalisation of which aims to promote positive change and further development of one’s own personality at the same time”.
Leif Cornelissen and Stephan Straub



My name is Marco Fiamin and I am an educator, art therapist and seminar leader by profession.

I was born in Italy in 1973. After training as an educator, I specialised in art therapy at the three-year School of Art Therapy and Expressive Psychotherapy in Rome, which at the time had an agreement with the University of Tor Vergata. I trained with Prof. Alessandro Tamino, one of the first psychiatrists to introduce art therapy in Rome.

I work in different socio-pedagogical contexts in Rome and Berlin and draw inspiration from social pedagogy and experiential education. My educational method is therefore mainly based on meaningful experiences, especially through play, creativity and adventure in nature. I work on group dynamics, inclusion and social prevention with children and young people and share my methods and experiences in training courses for educators and teachers. I am fascinated and interested by the current discoveries of neuroscience in the fields of cognition and education.

Registration number 32 in the Italian Register of Art Therapists according to the UNI 11592: 2015 standard; certified hiking guide with the German Hiking Association.


Work Experiences

I am a freelancer and work with associations, schools and companies. I realise and lead

  • school workshops in class groups (with educational and formative purposes)
  • educational projects for children and teenagers
  • expressive workshops
  • art-therapeutic individual and/or group sessions
  • team building in work contexts
  • educational trekking in nature