My professional world

As educator I use different approaches for reaching different goals with different groups.
The setting of my activities is based on participation and experience, real or symbolic, through games, creativity and trekking in nature.
To develop my skills, during my 20 years of profession I have explored these professional dimensions through training courses: educational games, art therapy, educational trekking, erlebnispädagogik.
Basically I am therefore an educator and I use my different educational skills according to the educational objectives of the groups I work with.
Here a short description of the different activities.


Educative activities
I organize educational activities for schools (students/teacher) or youth centers. My educational activities are based on an analysis of the objectives agreed with the group educators and on the observation of the group. From these assumptions a specific project is born which - once approved - must be proposed and accepted by the group of participants to start a shared, conscious and voluntary participation. The educational alliance that is established is a fundamental part of the educational action. My educational actions are based on practical activities that promote real or symbolic group experiences. Based on the experiences, it is possible to conduct a final briefing to stimulate awareness and reflection on what has been experienced. Main tools I use are:
  • playful activities
  • creative activities
  • cooperative activities
  • the "pädagogische erlebnis"
  • psychosomatic awareness
  • trekking in nature
Educative Art Therapy
In educative art therapy, children come to the free expression of emotions, to the elaboration of conflicts on a symbolic level, to the alleviation of stress events, as well as to relaxation, to the reduction of behavioral disorders. The development of interpersonal and communicative skills, the improvement of social skills, the ability to concentrate and its duration are also central. In the same way, through artistic action, self-esteem and autonomy are reinforced and the willingness to act is increased. With art therapy inhibited children find the possibility to loosen up, children without interest find a space in which to test themselves and be able to discover tools and materials. Aggressive and hyperactive children with the mediation of materials have the opportunity to overcome their problems through creative activity, to be better with themselves and calm down. Art therapy is free expression through the artistic channel that promotes the improvement of psychophysical and social well-being through creativity. It is not necessary to know how to draw to participate and it is not intended to teach a technique. Artistic materials are a tool and a stimulus to experiment and create, without following an aesthetic dimension but in a perspective of inner research. The images of the group can enter into dialogue with each other and in this game of reminders and emotions evoked, can arise an intuition, a reflection or a confrontation with the goal of encouraging new awareness.
  • trekking nella natura
Team building activities
I organize "Team Building" activities for schools (students/teacher) or companies. My Team Building activities are a set of stimulating activities, Team Games, Team Experience (playful, experiential or wellness), Team Working (specific to facilitate the development of group work), whose purpose is the development of individual skills of a group of people. In a group, Team Building activities can generate fun, a positive atmosphere, increase the sense of belonging to the group, improve collaboration and cooperation. Play and storytelling are the ideal tools to spontaneously bring out in a group elements and points of reflection that can improve the working environment, as well as for: • observe reality from a different point of view; • exchanging ideas/experiences in an apparently unstructured way; • finding solutions to internal/external communication obstacles. The game stimulates social relations and operations, generating in this way metaphorical experiences that can be exploited later as the beginning / conclusion of a training course or more simply as an example to be used in dealing with the tasks of everyday life.  
Procedure to ask an activity
The procedure to ask and develop my activities at your locations (schools or companies) provides: •  Interview to define the objectives •  Customized project and budget •  Programs and agenda •  Confirmation of the project through a contract •  Group welcome and presentation of the activities •  Briefing and Debriefing aimed at achieving objectives •  Specialist assistance and management for the performance of activities •  Possible awarding and delivery of participation certificate